Reflection – Cycle 3

  1. How you have approached learning new things and/or finding new information during the semester

During my university career, I have found that I am able to learn new things through doing rather than reading or listening. Due to this, during this semester I have simply dived right into designing and creating the games for each cycle, rather than reading through the whole PowerPoints, and watching all the videos before class. I felt that this was an okay strategy for me, as I have not done terribly badly, searching the internet and rereading tasks when I was lost. However, I feel that this strategy should be improved in the future as I have occasionally gotten stuck on things that were simply explained somewhere in class or on blackboard that I missed.

  1. What additional, non-technical skills you’ve developed during the semester

This semester, as a software technologies student, I have learned a lot about designing games. In my past classes I have always just been a programmer, as even in the first year design class I did all my work but I usually wasn’t the one in the group coming up with the ideas. This semester, however, my group and I all came up with ideas for our games and the classes made me really think through the mechanics and feelings involved with the game. These classes taught me that to make an effective game it needs to do more than just work, it should be well designed, with even the smallest thing being planned for. I think that in the future, the design of games I make will be more thought out than the games created before this class, and even those created during.

  1. The most effective strategies you used for managing individual and team activities

In my group, we found that the most effective strategy for completing our activities, which were both individual, in that one person completed the blog post about them, and team, in that we planned them out together, was to always help each other. In class we would complete the activities together, discussing every point and using each other to decide the best design for out game. After this, one person would complete the activity and the other would read it and give advice. Sometimes we would even discuss the activities further in our group chat outside of class. This matched my strategies in previous classes, and I feel it is an efficient method to completing high quality work efficiently.

  1. The ethical responsibilities associated with working in a team-based environment. Areas to consider could include: justice (fair work practices); responsibility (specifying tasks, completing activities); honesty (avoiding deception); and reasonableness (level of participation, reaching consensus).

It is important, in a team-based environment, to always consider your team members and how you interact with them. During this semester I have done my best to be transparent with my team members, so that they know how I felt about certain design decisions, and complete m work in a timely manner. I have always showed up to classes so that the work is spread fairly and we can all complete it together. I felt that they have also done these things. Throughout my university career, this is not something I did in the first year, but it is something I feel is important moving forward through university, and later into my career in the software development industry.


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