Playtesting Report – Cycle 3

Number of Testers

3 Confidantes

1 Novice

Notes Taken

Survey Answers

Each question has one answer from each of the four playtesters, with each participant’s response being in a distinct colour. There are only three replies on Confidante Question7, as participant #2 did not answer. Different Questionnaires were used for the two different groups.

Confidante and Novice Session Goal 1 Problem Solving

The majority of answers given to questions 1 and 2 by both the confidantes and the novice show that the puzzles were a little difficult, but could be easily solved. This is also seen in the notes for all playtesters except the novice, who immediately worked out that they must backtrack to the only NPC to progress. While confidante #1 said the puzzles needed to be further explained in question 1, confidante #3 says in the same question that they felt the text provided enough hints to understand what they had to do next. This shows a discrepancy in skill level in regards to puzzle games and would require much more play testing to properly understand if the current puzzles are an appropriate difficulty. This is also seen in that all 3 confidantes were able to get to the second level and easily navigate most puzzles, but the novice was only able to get to the gate before getting stuck. The confidante’s answers to question 4 also showed that they felt the game was simple, but not simple enough to be boring, which is a good basis for a game for a child gamer.


Confidante Session Goal 2 Coordination

The answers to the confidante’s questions 3-5 show how playtesters felt in regard to coordination. The answers to question 3 showed that playertesters felt the layout of the game was simple to navigate, with only some difficulty, which contributed to our PX goal of coordination, as they had to be wary, but the game was not imposible. In question 5, confidante #1 says they felt as though the game was too simple for a 12-year-old with previous game experience, however, it can be seen in their game notes that they did not complete the game during their session and also had difficulty with a few of the puzzles.

Confidante Session Goal 3 Mechanics

Observations and the confidante’s answers to questions 6-9 show that most mechanics worked fine for them, however, two recurring problems were sticking to platforms and difficulty of the levels. As these levels were designed for a young gamer and the novice, as seen in their playtesting session notes, had such trouble with the game, more playtesting would be required to determine whether the difficulty of the game in terms of jumping should be increased. The character not sticking to platforms, however, is a major issue in a game designed to be not too difficult, so it would be ideal to improve this mechanic in the future.

In question 8, confidante #2 also mentions the switch’s visibility. As can be seen in the notes, none of the confidantes noticed the switches that triggered the moving platforms to begin with, which means a child probably would not either. Their visibility should be improved in future builds.

Novice Session Goal 2 Determination

The novice’s answers to questions 6 and 7 show that although they had some difficulty with the game (as seen in their notes), they were determined to complete it, which shows some success in achieveing our PX goal of Determination.

Novice Session Goal 3 Lush/Tropical

Questions 3-5 in the novice’s questionnaire show that they did not felt the vibe of the game was ‘lush’ or ‘tropical’, but as they go on to describe the feeling of the game with media set in lush/tropical environments it is possible that they did not know what these words mean. Further playtesting would be required to assess this playtesting goal.

Recommendations for Improvement

In future builds, I would like to spend more time creating the levels and implementing different mechanics for the player to experiment with, as right now the bomb isn’t even usable, it is just automatically dropped when the player arrives at the dragon. Although players seemed to like the few puzzles currently present in the game, it would be ideal to allow the player more freedom in solving the puzzles, and add more puzzles for them to solve.


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