Reflection Cycle 3


  • How you have approached learning new things and/or finding new information during the semester?

During the semester, I have found IGB100 challenging and time consuming. I struggled in some areas of the unit and found that networking with fellow students and tutors is a great way to overcome the learning obstacles I encountered. Many people had the same or similar issues and knew where to source solutions. I  found  through accessing the internet is a quick way to navigate problems and broaden approach methods when learning or finding relevant information by utilising the game development community as a whole. Time management was a crucial part of this unit due to the work load, so finding information and solutions fast was critical. In the past, I would have waited for the following workshop, emailed a tutor or panicked. Throughout the semester I utilised my networking resources and achieved results quicker.


  • What additional, non-technical skills you’ve developed during the semester?

Stress management, multitasking and maintaining focus when working towards a deadline. Not understanding what is causing a problem and where to find the solution can be stressful. Throughout the semester I found I would come across problems I did not know how to solve or where to look for solutions. By changing course and working on another section of the work and letting my mind process the situation helped. Soon I felt I was refocusing with directions to move forward, instead of just feeling lost and having lower productivity as a result.  I feel this really helped me this semester. In the past I may have just given up and gone a different route. This method gives you a greater feeling of accomplishment and a more balanced level of happiness and achievement with your work.


  • The most effective strategies you used for managing individual and team activities?

Maintaining a happy medium in individual and team activities is crucial. When emotion is not kept in check it can lead to bad work processes and outcomes. Flexibility is key, by not attaching to much emotion to a section of work. If it ends up not the best way to move forward or the team doesn’t think it suitable, you can easily dismiss it and move forward to get a stronger outcome. I found that not all the ideas team members came up with I liked and vice versa, so sometimes you vote with the group and trust the group’s ability to choose the better option, rather than let ego get in the way and push your own agenda and cause conflict. This is also the case with your own work, if you hang on to a piece of work too long after you realise it’s not the best solution moving forward, due it being good in one’s own opinion, as you have put a lot of yourself/effort into it, are emotionally attached and are too stubborn to relinquish it. You fail to realise by not discarding the work that this is not the best solution to move forward, your end results will suffer. I found this helped during the semester, and my team and I achieved better results by utilising this.


  • The ethical responsibilities associated with working in a team-based environment. Areas to consider could include: justice (fair work practices); responsibility (specifying tasks, completing activities); honesty (avoiding deception); and reasonableness (level of participation, reaching consensus).

Team work is a difficult thing to master and will make or break most projects. I try to do my part by working and acting in a way that I feel I can look back on the project and be happy with what I have done. I look to treat others with respect, even when their opinions or emotions are the complete opposites to mine. I always look to maintaining a positive outlook and handle my share of the work. Negotiation is a key part of team work. Being open, honest, and maintain a high level of integrity are important. Team work is a skill that can be learnt, but it’s also a core part of being a good human being. I apply this mantra to anything I do, and look at my actions and manners regularly to make sure I am achieving this. I feel if I do this and hope others do too, a team project will emerge with favourable results for the work put in. I feel I have applied these principles in IGB100 and look to improve each time I work in a team, learning from the mistakes and utilising practices learned from achieving good results.

Cycle 3 Reflections completed by Justin Johnstone. N9428127. darknstormy777.


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