Week 12 Activity 5


Interactivity and Choice.png

Each of the two challenges listed below were created from player stories that had been developed the week before. The challenges were designed to focus in on some of the ‘non-trivial’ tasks that the player is required to complete and break them down into sections.

Conflict – Combat enemies to move towards the end of the map.

In this situation, the player is left of one of two choices: they can either fight all of the enemies that they come across or they can make an attempt avoid the enemies by maneuvering on the platforms. Both of these come with a variety of pros and cons that affect the player’s in game experience.

The interface of the game conveys these choices to the player by providing opportunities to go around enemies or to fight them on a fair playing field. Platforms are strategically placed around the map to easily give the player these options of fight or flight.

There is only really one choice available for each action, the first being that the player must fight their way through the enemies in the level and take their time in defeating all of them. The action available for the second choice is for the player to maneuver around the enemies and make a run for their objective. They are able to outrun most types of enemies, enabling them to get past them without taking damage.

The rules of the game are simple when it comes to these choices, when the player enters in combat with any enemies, damage is done by both parties that reduces the health of whoever was hit. Even if the player attempts to run past an enemy, if they are caught then they will still take damage when hit.

Feedback is mostly provided by the item drops that are left by defeated enemies. When a player enters into combat with an enemy and manages to defeat them, they are left with a variety of treasures and item drops. Choosing to avoid enemies and head straight to the objective allows the player to complete the level faster, however they will reach the end objective with less experience and a lower quality of items. On the other hand, when a player chooses to fight all of the enemies, they access the full range of item drops, however if they take damage without healing, they will progress through the game in a weakened state.


Exploration/Knowledge – Search for specific items to complete quests and earn rewards.

Similarly to the above player challenge, this one leaves the player with two choices: to fully explore the map and complete every possible quest, or to use the fastest possible approach to the level and only do main quests.

This choice is mostly conveyed by the quests that are given to the player by the NPC villagers. Majority of these quests involve collecting items and bringing them back to the village to hand into specific people. These show the player the bare minimum that they must accomplish in order to complete the level, however if they choose to they may continue to explore and complete the rest of the quests to receive better rewards.

The actions available are identical, no matter which of the choices the player chooses, the only difference being that one requires a larger amount of actions. In order to complete the level, the player is forced to do at least a limited level of quested and exploring.  

The system rules dictate that the player must complete specific quests in order to receive items that they need to progress. Any other quests simply provide additional rewards and aren’t a compulsory part of the gameplay.

Feedback is provided to the player via the items and weapons that they receive when they hand the quests into the NPCs. Lacking to complete all of the side quests simply means that they will progress through the game at a lower level of strength than if they had taken the time to finish all of them.


Storyboard of the challenge: search for specific items to complete quests and earn rewards.





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