Reflection – Cycle 2

  1. What did you learn about professional development by going through the design process?

This cycle I learnt that it is important to thoroughly plan out your game before creating it, but it is also important not to cling to your plan and ideas during the creation process if you gain insightful feedback requiring you to change something. My three teammates and I created games that stuck closely to our initial plan in the first cycle, but this cycle Sarah and Justin both had games somewhat different to mine, but they still stuck to the PX goals and were interesting. I think this will be an important lesson for me in future game development, as I am usually quite stringent in sticking to a set out plan, for fear of doing things ‘wrong’, but I realise from this, that it is important to make mistakes and improve from them in the design process.


  1. What did you learn about the other majors in the degree by working in mixed teams?

I learnt that in terms of the design process and understanding how we were supposed to complete the activities, Justin and Sarah were much better than me, coming up with interesting ideas for all the news stories. However, not having any C# experience, I was much further along than them in terms of coding as a software tech major. This was also the case in cycle 1, when they had to explain tasks to me in-depth, as I did not understand the requirements in our designing tasks. I feel it is interesting to work with teammates from other majors and a good experience to prepare me for the future in working in the games industry to work with people with a different skillset to me, as most times I’ve created projects and assignments in regards to coding, it has been with other programmers.


  1. What did you implement in your own individual work that you found the most satisfying?

I felt it was quite satisfying to get the lights working in-game. I hadn’t worked with lights in my previous Unity game, and before that I haven’t used Unity before, so this was quite fun, and while it was a simple implementation, it made me very happy to see my lights turning on and off, and it was something I don’t think I would have been able to do when I began this class.


  1. Do you think that there are any ethical issues attached to designing a First Person Experience inspired by recent events?

I feel that there are major ethical issues with this, depending on what it’s based on and the implementation. Our first idea was based on Cyclone Debbie, and the idea was to survive. I think that this would be disrespectful, unless the focus to warn people and convince them to leave their home in the event of a cyclone. However, our current game was based on power usage in Queensland, so I feel that there are less ethical issues as our game does not disrespect a dangerous event, but rather jokes about how leaving the lights on can cause problems, even if those problems are different in real life. I have not created a game based on recent events before, so I felt I was not equipped to create a respectful game based on a very serious issue like a cyclone.


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