Reflection – Cycle Two

What did you learn about professional development by going through the design process?

Professional development is often defined as constantly maintaining and increasing qualifications and training when in a professional position. In response to that, I learnt during the design process of this cycle that it is vitally important to keep up to date on the current technologies and design methods that are used in the industry. While traditional methods of development are still highly utilised, new processed are being designed on a daily basis and these affect not only individual games but the entirety of the industry. If I fall behind on my professional development then I can jeopardise the entire design process for my team.


What did you learn about the other majors in the degree by working in mixed teams?

Mixing the majors creates an intriguing combination of ideas and perceptions throughout both the game design and creation process. Unlike what may be assumed, the programming major did not lack in creativity and the two game design majors (myself included) did not have unrealistic expectations for the mechanics that could be implemented. While I didn’t learn as many practical skills from mixing the majors, I did learn about how to communicate ideas with someone who doesn’t have the same sort of knowledge and training as I have. What I was able to learn was limited by only having a single person of a different major in my studio, as the other game designer and I had been through classes together and knew the same practical information.


What did you implement in your own individual work that you found the most satisfying?

For my personal work, I chose to go with a different visual style and focus on a single player experience goal of speed rather than broaden the game to fit all three. While it was incredibly satisfying to successfully implement the mechanics for a polished game experience, I found that the most satisfying element was actually designing and creating the level. I was unable to make my own assets, however using free ones from the store I was able to create a balanced level with a slightly ethereal feel, fitting into the second player experience goal.


Do you think that there are any ethical issues attached to designing a First Person Experience inspired by recent events?

Designing any game always has ethical issues attached, since it is a piece of often questionable media that is often released for public consumption. First person games particularly can be more controversial since the player is stepping into the shoes of the main character. Turn the Lights Off  is based off the recent events of an energy crisis that requires citizens to be more careful with how much power they use. The only major ethical concerns associated with this game are environmental, encouraging users to be more careful with wasting power, especially regarding lights. Having a game inspired by recent events can cause concerns for the more controversial issues. The game and the development process both follow the codes of ethics outlined by the IDGA and the ACS.



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