Week 7 Activity 5

Challenge: Navigating to light switches

In order to navigate the map to switch off lights to prevent loss of power there are two distinct options available to the player: they may memorise the layout of the house and the location of light switches, or they may stop to check the map, although the map may not be available until a future build. This choice can affect the outcome of the game, as memorising the layout will lead the player to simply move towards the location they think they should be headed towards. This will save time, as stopping to look at the map will mean the light is left on longer, draining more power, with the power generator meter lowering, doors possibly opening, and leading closer to losing the game. However, if the player does decide to not use the map they are more susceptible to making a mistake, which can lead to the same outcome. Looking at the map will open up the map, which will cover the player’s view and stop their movement, but will allow them to better predict the movement of the kids and the location of light switches.


Challenge: Kids grabbing the player


In order to achieve the overall goal of quickly turning all lights that are turned off, so that the power generator is not drained. A challenge of this goal is not being slowed by kids who creep up behind the player. The player will hear footsteps behind them, and if they do nothing about this the kid will drag at them and slow them down. There are two options available to the player in this situation: Simply run away, or turn around and flash the kid with the torch. If the player simply runs, the sound of footsteps still be heard and the kid will just keep following the player to catch and slow them until they are scared off. If the player turns around to flash the kid with the torch they will run off and not turn on any lights for a few seconds, however, this can waste valuable time if there are lights switched on draining powers as this takes place. The feedback provided to the player will involve continued footsteps sounds and close giggling if they choose to simply keep moving, and lowered power in the generator and the sound of the kid running off if they scare them off. If the player is caught, they will be slowed until they turn around to scare off the kid.



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