Week 7 Activity 4

While the initial concept for the game involves many objects and interactions with said objects, these ideas were scoped in order to allow for the relatively short development time, with objects and their purposes/relationships/rules and events being sorted into two categories ‘Current Build’, and ‘Future Builds’. ‘Current Build’ lists objects and their purposes that are planned to be developed and implemented within the game produced in by the end of cycle 2. ‘Future Builds’ lists objects and purposes that are planned for the game, but will probably not be implemented by the end of cycle 2.

The objects ‘Torch’ and ‘Kids’ can be seen in both ‘Current Build’ and ‘Future Builds’, this is because some of the purposes and rules of these objects are planned, but will probably not be implemented in the current build.


Name Purpose Attributes Relationships to Other Objects Rules, Events, and Effects
Current Build
Kids Run around,
turn off lights
Shadowy, creepy, fast Turn light switches on, indirectly drain power generator Hide from player – can never be properly seen, giggle menacingly (creepily), can only turn lights on
Doors Open to new areas when power drops Mechanical, covered in locks, looks like a normal door with mechanical upgrades Opened by power generator Only open after a certain amount of power is lost
Light Switches Turn off lights Standard on/off switch Kids turn them on Can only be turned off by player, can only be turned on by kids
Torch Allow player to navigate house Red, standard torch, but very thick and heavy Does not interact with other objects Occasionally flickers, and will sometimes turn off after doing so, player must stop and whack it to turn it back on
Power Generator Keeps power on and kids contained in house,

Keeps doors shut

Bar on the GUI to track power loss Opens doors, is drained by lights Once fully drained, game is lost
Future Builds
Kids Smash lights,

Slow player

Same as in current build Smash light bulbs that are in light sockets, get scared by torch Slow player from behind if not  quick enough
Light Sockets Hold light bulbs so that player knows whether or not the light is on Circular, for small light bulbs, standard Light bulbs are put in them allow player to know when lights are on Only one light bulb per socket
Light Bulbs Replace broken light bulbs Standard small light bulb Light sockets hold them, smashed by kids, drain power generator Player can only hold one at a time, found in a storage room or around the house, flicker (without draining power) before turning on, to allow player some time to get to them and turn them off
Torch Scare kids off Same as in current build Scares kids Same as in current build
Map Allows player to track their own movement and find their way On paper, must be pulled up and covers the screen Does not interact with other objects Game still runs while the map is checked

(pictured: concept of ‘light bulb’, ‘light socket’, ‘torch’, ‘kid’, ‘light switch’, and ‘door’)

Many objects include the attribute ‘standard’, which can be attributed to the planned concept of the beginning of the game being set in a ‘regular’ home to give the vibe of a very ‘normal’ environment, with progression through the game resulting in a more ethereal (PX goal) and impossible environment, which still contains ‘standard’, and ‘normal’ looking objects, resulting in a somewhat disconcerting and ethereal vibe.

The doors are described in the table as mechanical and upgraded, but this is progressive. Doors would ideally begin with only a small mechanical lock, so that they are still controlled by the generator, but would progressively become more mechanical and upgraded, lending to the impossibility and diversion from the norm of the atmosphere.


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