Week 6 Activity 3

Cycle 2. Activity 3: Gameplay and player stories.


High Concept– “Turn the Lights Off”: a game where you need to keep your wits about you to keep the children under control.

In Turn the Lights Off you play as the person in charge of the house. The powers gone out again and the buildings power is being provided by the backup generator. The children have eaten way too much candy and their sugar levels are off the charts. They are out of control, running around turning all the lights on. This will overload the generator which will lose power and cause security doors in the building to unlock, letting more of them out of their rooms and giving them all more access to other areas of the building. Eventually the generator will fail and the external doors will unlock and the children will be free to run loose in the neighbourhood creating chaos. You must maintain control until the power comes back on.


As the player, I will use the torch to navigate the environment to find the light switches.


As the player, I will hit the torch when the torch light flickers and turns off to get the light bulb shining again.

As the player, I will use the map to predict where the lights are coming on so I can go and turn them off to save power.

As the player, I will use my hand to turn off lights to keep the generator going until morning.

As a player, I will collect a light bulbs to replace a broken lights I come across.


As the player, I will use my memory to learn the layout of the building to get to areas quicker to keep the lights off.


As a player, I will use my torch to scare off the children so they don’t grab me.

As a player, I will observe the environment to determine which lights are priority to save the most power.

As a player, I will use my speed to avoid obstacles so I can turn lights off faster.

As the children, I will turn the lights on so the power runs down and opens locked doors to other areas of the building.



Notes and sketches

Act 1 page 1

Act 1 page 2.1

Act 1 page 3.1

Act 1 page 4

Activity 3 completed by Justin Johnstone. N9428127. darknstormy777.


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