Week 5 Activity 1

Cycle 2, Activity 1: Player experience goals

During our initial exploration of game concept ideas to do with current affairs we looked at broad spectrum of topics. What we found were a diverse range of news articles. We found once we had developed a couple of ideas, that the designs flowed more easily until we had developed ten game concepts. Three, we felt would be adaptable to the FPS concept of cycle 2. After some deliberation, we voted the third idea of a cyclone game out. It was a popular topic and we wanted to create some unique concepts for the second cycle by avoiding mainstream topics.

The first game came from a news article about bad neighbours who were making the lives of the people around to them in their street a misery.

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Game Concept 1.

Neighbours from Hell.


The concept was to slowly drive your neighbours mad until they moved out of the neighbourhood. This could be done by dumping rubbish over the fence and on the street, filling your yard up with junk. Damaging your neighbour’s property when they weren’t around, as well as being abusive and loud. Turning neighbours against each other was also a goal. Each neighbour’s house would have a happy energy bar and overtime you would aim to lower this until they eventually became so unhappy they moved out. New people would move into the street and if you managed to keep the property value low, less desirable people would move in until eventually the neighbourhood would turn into a cesspool of dilapidated houses with bad occupants and a high crime rate. The goal was to destroy your neighbour’s happiness, followed by the street and eventually the whole neighbourhood.

For another option, we thought we could also create the game with an added demonic theme. You are the devil and you slowly corrupt the good folk of the neighbourhood with demons and bad deeds, by bringing in bad elements such as cults to occupy the houses of neighbours who leave, and sending out your minions of darkness to suck the happiness out of your friendly neighbours. You create your own hell on earth where you rule over the neighbourhood.

Game Concept 1(both versions) were rejected in favour off the second news event which was the power shortages and struggles that were happening across the country. This was due to problems with the electricity grid, brown outs, blackouts and the threat of the issue spreading across the country and increasing in frequency. The issues were fuelled by renewable energy sources being rolled out, poor governance, de-commissioning of old coal power stations and disruption in the resources sectors that provide the traditional raw materials for the energy companies to generate power for Australians.

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Game Concept 2.

Turn the lights off.

turn the lights

The game evolves around the power grid having issues at your residence and as a result you have the backup generator on. The kids in the house are causing issues as the ate too much sugar and are running around the house madly turning the lights on. Your job is to keep the lights off so generator does not get overloaded.

The kids scurry around the house like they are possessed, laughing and cackling as they go. They stick to the shadows and will sneak up on the player who has a torch to see their way around. The children don’t like the harsh torch light and will scamper off when it is near.

In the studio workshop game development session, we decided to continue with the concept of patterns and wanted to explore this further through prediction. Cycle 1’s development process proved difficult to implement the fantasy aspect of our games so we to took a more realistic approach for cycle 2, and focused on utilising a dreamlike state, which would add to the player experience. The ethereal feeling of a dream, similar to reality, yet somewhat different, creates a unique environment to explore in the game. This works well as a substitute to the fantasy aspect which we all really wanted to utilise. The game would be played at fast pace; however, the ethereal feel would add to player immersion, moving away from the traditional FPS vibe and into a game which is more creative and unique.

PX goal 1.

Emotional: Ethereal.

PX goal 2.

Physical: Speed.

PX goal 3.

Cognitive: Predicting.

Updated PX goals.

Players will feel ethereal as they fly around the house which seems slightly askew to reality, speed and grace will be utilised by the player as they predict the ever changing challenges the children and house throw at them.

Notes and sketches


Act 1 page 3

act 3 page 2jpg

act 3 page 3jpg

Act 1 page 3.1

Act 1 page 4

Activity 1 completed by Justin Johnstone. N9428127. darknstormy777.


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