During the first week I felt incredibly out of my depth. I’d never used unity before and although I had always done well in my coding classes, I only knew the basics of coding. I had also never really done game design, unlike my two studio members. After the weeks went by, I gained some level of improvement in terms of my unity skills and I felt incredibly thankful to my team members, as they understood and slowly explained game design principles to me when I didn’t understand the task.

In the future, I’d love to improve my unity and game design skills, and I’d love to work on my game some more to flesh it out. I’d like to utilise more video tutorials, such as the ones provided in the weekly tutorials, as I felt they were very helpful in understanding the basics of unity. I have always been someone who understands things more when shown rather than told, so videos are what I will focus on in the future to improve my game development skills.

I felt that my team worked great together. We all came to class every single week and discussed every activity, always considering everyone’s ideas and not trying to cling to our own ideas. In my university experience, I have always had team mates who worked hard and considered everyone’s ideas in assignments, so I am glad that Justin and Sarah were my team mates as I may not have been able to work well with team members who did not show up to class or do their work. Beyond the weekly class meetings, we also had a group chat in which we would communicate with each other about the development of the group work throughout the week, so we had constant communication about the task, which I felt was incredibly useful.

I tend to work diligently on things I enjoy, such as game development, and although I fell somewhat behind during the development of this this shmup, I felt that this cycle was no different. I did not get to fully implement everything we had planned, such as experimentation and different outcomes for combinations of pickups, but I felt I produced a fairly good game for what was essentially two weeks of actual game creation and no unity or game development experience.

I feel that in the future my game could be quite enjoyable if my game development skills are developed to better the game. This game could improve my skills, as if I were to develop it further I would definitely further improve my skills, as they have already been improved over the past four weeks.


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