Reflections on development of mini game 1.

Coming into the first mini game (MG1) I found myself feeling out of my depth as I had not used Unity or C# before. I felt my coding skills were very basic. I found my previous development experience from INB280 came in handy and restored my confidence as I had a solid understanding of game design principles.

I found during the process for MG1 these skills came back naturally to me and I found clarity on the task very quickly. My coding skills slowly improved as I gained more confidence through the tutorials and interactions with peers. I feel my skills will continue to improve with more access to Unity tutorials and working on projects with others.   Over time I hope to improve my technical Unity and coding skills to the level my design practice is at.

After the first game development, I can now see a path towards achieving this. I feel the overall game concept we developed is a solid design and could be developed into a game which meets industry standards and the game I developed myself has the basics of many of the professional shoot em ups I have played. I am happy with what I achieved in the limited time available to produce MG1.

Team work is something I am very comfortable with, having led several groups in other units and feeling confident with my communication skills from decades of experience working in the financial industry for large corporations where I managed groups of people. In my group for MG1 I already knew Sarah from previous units and found Nastassia very easy to work with.

We developed an open forum where everyone threw in their ideas and we quickly adopted or dismissed options for MG1. We focused on the task as a group and did not let emotion get in the way of allowing good ideas to become adopted. Time management was key in the confined space of MG1. We stripped each task down and pushed to get through the workload efficiently.

In the past, I have run my own company so I understand self-discipline and working hard to achieve goals. Working independently on MG1, I made sure my work was available for the group on time and made sure I allocated time to assist others where I could.  I set myself a schedule and pushed myself to achieve it. I worked to get the tutorials done early so I could focus on my game design and the group design.

I came across a lot of game play obstacles and issues which were above my technical ability at this stage and could be overcome with more time, Unity experience and more developed coding skills. The base elements could be moulded into a professional game by utilising the design decisions made. I feel a fun game that when polished to professional industry standards, could be developed from the basic prototype game I have made.

Reflection completed by Justin Johnstone. N9428127. darknstormy777.


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