Number of Testers


Notes Taken

Survey Answers

Each question has 1 answers from each of the 5 play testers.

Session Goal 1 Level of Engagement and Joy (PX)

The survey answers to question 3 and levels of eagerness of the majority of play testers to restart the game and play again show that while it is not extremely engaging, it is still somewhat engaging. Improvements could be made to make the game more engaging to further achieve the PX goal.

In terms of joy, the answers to questions 1 and 2 in regards to ambience and feelings show that players felt some sense of joy, as they spoke of the game in terms of ‘mystical’ and ‘fantasy’ and wrote that the enjoyed the game. However, in questions 1 and 2 the game is also described as ‘stressful’ and ‘competitive’ which is a problem, as it directly contradicts the player experience goal.

Session Goal 2 Check That Mechanics Feel Balanced

During playtesting, observation revealed that it was not extremely difficult to get to the boss for the play testers, although each of them only got there one or two times at most, and only one tester actually defeated the boss. This shows that the game may be too difficult. However, the questionnaire answers to questions four and five revealed that many play testers were feeling stressed and as though the difficulty increased too fast. They also felt that some of the powerups were not as helpful as they could be, leading to faster death as the pickups were not quickly understood. This shows that the mechanics are somewhat balanced, but still don’t feel quite right.

Session Goal 3 Check That Mechanics Function

During the first playtest, there was a glitch when the boss spawned in, in which the enemy spawners were improperly set and far too enemies were spawning in, making the boss impossible to beat. This can be seen in the notes for participant #1 and #1’s answer (the first one) to the questionnaire. This was resolved before playtester #2’s play test session.

Beyond this, some testers seemed to think that the shield was glitched, as there was no HP bar, so they assumed the shield stopped all damage and were confused when it did not. This was intentional, as the shield only reduced damage, but as a perceived glitch, was changed to match expectation.

Recommendations for Improvement

In the future, it would be nice to spend more time on level design and powerup implementation to make the game more engaging and joyous for players. It would also have to be longer, so that the difficulty curve does not become too high and instead slowly progresses as the game was described as ‘stressful’ and ‘competitive’ and ‘quite hard’. This would also lead to a more balanced feel for the mechanics of the game.


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