Week 3 Activity 5

Activity 5: Game Look and Feel:

Task 1: Mood Board

Mood:Warm, joyful, calmingmood2.jpg

Style:Hayao MiyazakiManga


File: Mood Board (Image from the game Journey(2012) by thatgamecompany, character art by  Hayao Miyazaki, landscape art by Tsuchiya Koitsu,  Makoto Niitsu, red forest images.)

Research: Hayao Miyazaki, Tsuchiya Koitsu,  Makoto Niitsu

Colour Palette designed using Adobe Color Wheel.

Inspirations:Characters: Miyazaki, Natures colours:The Siberian Red Forest

Task 2: Game look and feel: Details

Game dimensions: The game will be a side scrolling shoot-em-up with a background which is contiguous to game play action, such as R-Type (1987) by Irem. Players success through levels will lead them through a narrative based plot to match the character’s progression throughout the game story world similar to Shovel Knight (2014) by Yacht Club Games.

In between levels there will be a short storybook to show story progression based on level progression.

Style and Mood: See Mood Board Above. Influenced by game art styles such as Journey (2012) by thatgamecompany. Colour was influenced by nature through images such as the Siberian Red Forest where radiation killed the trees and they turned red as they died. We wanted the warm and lush feel but also an element that not everything was perfect, something was amiss.

Period -Location: See world map below for Fantasy world of Obaxath. Architecture will be present in some areas such as a fortress level and will be influenced by European architecture in some areas and Japanese in others. Levels will be diverse, such as temperate forests, swamps, fortresses, bridges, gardens and mountains. There will be indoor and outdoor areas depending on the level.

A cloud of darkness spreads over the land, it follows the player on each level.

Inhabitants: The sort of inhabitants will vary according to levels, generally there will be 3 categories of enemies (small, medium and large) as well as level bosses. They will  be cute creatures who have been turned bad by the darkness. Enemies will include bunnies, puppies and baby birds.

Audio: Ambient and sound track  audio will be level based as well as additions such as wind, bird calls etc. Enemies will have their own sounds such as Puppies whom will bark.

Audio sources:


DL Sounds:



Activity 5 completed by Justin Johnstone. N9428127. darknstormy777.


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