Week 3 Activity 4

Activity 4 Interactivity and Choice.

Task 1: Identify and describe five challenges for your studio’s SHMUP based on the player stories generated in week 2.


Game Story Goal: To clear the land of all the corrupted creatures, stop the darkness cloud that is destroying the land of Obaxath, find out who is responsible for all that is happening and destroy them to save the world.


Challenge 1(Physical coordination, conflict):

Survival- Use the teddy bear’s agility to dodge bullets and enemies and stay alive to the end of the level.

Challenge 2 (Time pressure, physical coordination):

Avoidance- Use Teddy to keep ahead of the darkness cloud.

Challenge 3 (Pattern recognition, logic):

Combination- Player will discover combos of power drops and how they affect the player positively or negatively.

Challenge 4 (Physical coordination, conflict):

Revival- Use Teddy to collect health by collecting health drops from dead enemies.

Challenge 5 (Pattern recognition, memory and knowledge):

Navigation- Use Teddy to move around the screen and shoot different waves of enemies. Enemies will come in waves and will have attributes such as weapon fire style, size, travel pattern, health pools, sizes and speeds.

Task 2: Choices -Interface – Actions- Rules – Feedback

InteractivityChoiceChart.challenge1.jpgChallenge 1.

Teddy Concept  Art (by Justin Johnstone).

InteractivityChoiceChart2Challenge 2.

InteractivityChoiceChart.challenge3Challenge 3.


Dead Enemy Concept Art (by Justin Johnstone).


InteractivityChoiceChart.challenge4Challenge 4.

InteractivityChoiceChart.challenge5Challenge 5.

20170322_154605 (1)


Activity 4 completed by Justin Johnstone. N9428127. darknstormy777.


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