Week 2 Activity 2

By definition, SHMUPS are generally relatively simple and straightforward games that have limited objects that the player can interact with. This game increases that level of interaction slightly by adding a more complex powerup system, but at its core still remains true to the genre.

The game is mapped out in a way that gives the players some choice between which path they would like to take when working through the levels. This will gave a slight variation to the limited story that the players can access.


The objects in the game can be categorised into enemies, powerups and health. In the provided table, player has also been listed as an object, since the avatar is considered to be an interactable object. Each of the categories are pretty self explanatory, with enemies containing the four types of enemies that they player will encounter, powerups being the various ability boosts that effect the player and health simply

Players can interact with all of the objects in different manners. Enemies react in a negative manner with the player, since both are continuously attempting to destroy each other, while the player’s interaction with the powerups and health drops are far more positive. The exception to that is that certain combinations of powerups can have side effects that harm the player.

The player has the ability to mix powerups to create combinations that can be either far more beneficial or damaging than the standard singular boost. There are five types of powerups: shield, speed boost, rapid fire, increased damage and shrink, allowing for ten different combinations.

Powerup One Powerup Two Effect
Shield Speed Reduces the shield boost
Shield Rapid Fire Increases the powerups’ effectiveness
Shield Increased Damage Loses some health
Shield Shrink Increases the powerups’ effectiveness
Speed Rapid Fire Berserker (extra damage mode)
Speed Increased Damage Berserker (extra damage mode)
Speed Shrink Slows down time
Rapid Fire Increased Damage Berserker (extra damage mode)
Rapid Fire Shrink Reduces speed
Increased Damage Shrink Increases the powerups’ effectiveness

All of the powerup drops happen randomly, with the chance dependent on the type of enemy that is defeated. Large enemies have a highest chance of dropping powerups, as well as being the only enemy that contains large health drops. Similarly, medium enemies have medium chances and health drops and small has the least. This is comparative to their difficulty to defeat, as well as how often the player encounters each type of enemy. Since bosses are designed to only be engaged in combat at the end of the level, they do not generate any form of drops. The Gaussian curve is used to determine the exact percentages of each drop occurring.

Each object has some particular rules associated with it, however none of them are particularly groundbreaking. The enemies will spawn off screen and make their way into the player’s area, except for a few special circumstances where they will spawn from the environment. Below is a diagram that roughly maps out the type and number of enemies that will spawn at points throughout the levels.


The complete table with the full details about the objects has been included in the studio notes section.


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