Week 1 Activity 1

Initially the studio decided on an overarching theme for our game, which was ‘cute’. We expanded on this by brainstorming the player experience goals we associated with this theme in terms of a SHMUP.


After comparing and contrasting the goals we initially listed we finally decided on the player experience goal ‘Players will experience joy through experimentation with reflex-based actions, rather than focusing on competitiveness.’ We felt that this PX goal would be a good divergence of the normal SHMUP, which focuses on competitiveness and high intensity. While we did not want it to be incredibly easy, we wanted to emphasise experimentation and creative fun in our game.

The types of PX we are tapping into are emotional and creative.The emotional aspect is important as it allows the player to become more involved and invested, as well as allowing for a larger audience. The creative aspect is important as it encourages players to experiment and try new types of gameplay.


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